About us

Beautiful, British, sustainable leather goods.



Established in 2011,Hayley Hanson as a company works on two sound principles, being "better rather than bigger", and the old farming saying of "grow where your planted" meaning work with what you know and where you are, thriving with what you have.

What Hayley has is rather unique, as a 5th generation (and first female) farmer on the undulating slopes of Mid Wales, blessed with uncommonly good soil, and an entrepreneurial attitude, the farm thrives under a blend of ultra modern techniques and traditional touches.

Since 2016 when "Hayley Hanson" came to be, Hayley has designed, sampled and made her collection of items, some on her own farm, still with her own hands, some in the local community and further afield, after all, when you make the worlds best leather, you need the worlds best makers....

All the leather is from Hayleys own farm, or known neighbours and friends in the very local area, all farming with the same tradition, care and passion as Hayley herself.




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