How to clean your leather bag or hair on hide rug

How to clean your leather bag or hair on hide rug


The easiest, and most affordable way of cleaning your Hayley Hanson leather bag is with unscented baby wipes, or plain soap and water and a soft brush for really stubborn stains, such as dried in milk.

All of our bags have been treated with a specific water repellent spray or waxed depending on which finish you chose at the time of purchase, you can re wax your Hayley Hanson bag with our own brand wax, which is specially made for our leather, or re waterproof with our preferred  brand of waterproofing spray, which is called "out and about waterproof spray", its in a black tin, and has so far proved ideal.

Hair on Hide

Any of our hair on hide rugs, or hair on hide handbags can also be cleaned with unscented baby wipes


Please note this advice relates to Hayley Hanson products only

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